Gunter Seidel at the Olympics competing for the successful Bronze Team winners


I have several barns I work out of and I offer all levels of Dressage training for both horse and rider. I have several assistants to help me. I can help you obtain a horse and have horses for sale , that clients have enlisted me to help them market their horse. I am available for Clinics as well as my Assistant.

For buying horses, I have several contacts in Europe from which I can obtain quality Dressage horses as well as here in the United States.

My assistants and I train all levels of Dressage from novices, young riders and all levels of FEI. Our students compete in all the local shows, as well as most shows in Southern California. I compete in all major FEI shows in the West, as well as all National competitions in the US and outside the US. We are located in Northern San Diego county, California.

If you are interested in furthering your Dressage riding or anything else I have mentioned above, you may call me at (voice recorder) or by e-mail (). I would be happy to discuss your needs and send you a price list.

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